Here is a great opportunity to touch upon 45 million internet users of India (non resident indians are not included) ! See this report and while doing so, you win prizes !
What is miquiz?
miquiz, is an online and ongoing quiz game without a start date and end date
Anyone can register and play – absolutely free
You gain points by answering the quiz questions correctly, by recommending miquiz to your friends and relatives through the online referral program and by submitting questions (once they are approved).
Weekly top scorers gets prizes
Monthly top scorers gets prizes
The first two top scorers of all weeks and months gets entry to the yearly online quiz, which will be conducted during the last week of December of every year. The winner of this round will get the yearly prize.
The prizes are sponsored by sponsors
The 10 key benefits !

Play miquiz and win prizes. This can make you and your dear and near ones very happy.
Recommend miquiz to your friends and relatives so that you ignite their minds and happiness. By doing this you gain vital points.
By playing miquiz, you improve your general knowledge – and you will feel definitely good about it. While starting miquiz, you may find it difficult, and once you hand around there for some time, you start playing better. So hang on….
By competing with others, you are helping the other person to improve – even without his/her knowledge.
Contribute to the quiz questions and share your knowledge with the rest of the world. You gain vital points by submitting quiz questions.
By visiting the sponsor’s pages and buying their services, you help them justify their sponsorship.
You can communicate and network with other participants, thus expanding your horizons
You become part of an intelligent and interesting community of people
After miquiz, competitive exams will be much easier 🙂
Last but not the least – you support a great cause of “Free and Open Intellectual property creation and dissemination’ Just enjoy the miquiz game – win prizes – share your knowledge – network and be part of a noble cause of “free and open intellectual property creation and dissemination


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