Stupid distractions

One thing which has hampered my progress at work is – unwanted distractions, which I could have avoided. In the midst of serious business, which is my bread and butter, the calling  to cut loose, with these free flow creative ideas (stupidity) which in no way takes me closer to professional nor personal dreams – takes over. Not once, but every day, wasting my precious time.  Am I alone in this?.


One thought on “Stupid distractions

  1. Hi Aby,

    I think that is the enemy of all, in a sense… But

    But if you are satisfied with what you have or what you can make after that dream…
    that is a pleasure for you.. or start enjoy wasting time…

    Why you are doing all… atleast to wast / enjoy your time 🙂

    I started enjoying that, even after I started realising, OK this is a good plan, dream about it and I know this is a waste of time since with my nature I will not complete.




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