Lessons from this Christmas day

As a reality check, I did not send christmas greetings to many – and the ones I sent were sent very late. I used to get a feeling like ‘people are just responding to what you you give’ – a business like attitude. I ended up being terribly wrong. This year, I received maximum christmas greetings.  Some ordinary human beings delighted me with their love through simple yet very valuable deeds. At the end of the day, I strongly believe that people are fundamentally good!.

On this Christmas day !

This Christmas is very different for me. It is a really silent and meaningful christmas time for me. There is no huzzle and buzzle of travel (thanks to recession). There is no big time partying (every one else is busy beating recession). So, this Christmas gave me enough self-time and I feel really good. This Christmas teaches me to be closer to God and reinforces the thinking that “Aby, irrespective of whatever you do on planet earth, the essence of happiness is your closeness with God”. The verse from Bible, If God is with you, everything is possible, allows me to get going. Whatever happens to me to day may seem to be ‘a very difficult situation’ and as per God’s plan, he may be just taking you away from your comfort zone for something better.

I found this link quite interesting and useful

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Stupid distractions

One thing which has hampered my progress at work is – unwanted distractions, which I could have avoided. In the midst of serious business, which is my bread and butter, the calling  to cut loose, with these free flow creative ideas (stupidity) which in no way takes me closer to professional nor personal dreams – takes over. Not once, but every day, wasting my precious time.  Am I alone in this?.

The art of leaving

People very often say that life is all about making choices. In the present busy world, I think it is more appropriate to lead a life of ‘leaving’. It’s about leaving behind unwanted stuff, and doing it continuously. Unless we leave things aside, we will not be able to progress much. By leaving unwanted things behind, we become more agile. When some one dear departs – we can either latch on to the sorrow it brings, or we can leave it behind and move on, as fast as possible. When one looses his/ her job due to recession, it is always to leave it behind and move on – than brooding over the loss. That way, life can be better by ‘letting go’ the past, so that we can focus on the present better and move on to the future faster.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of King fisher airlines

Last week, while on my way to Oracle, Hyderabd to conduct an agile training program, I forgot to take my my mobile phone from the waiting room at the airport. I came to know about this, when I was inside the aircraft, and it was about to close it’s doors. I rushed to the air hostess and told her about the loss of my mobile phone. In a jiffy, they contacted their ground staff and I got the mobile back in no time. I was so delighted with great service.

On my way back to Kochi, from Hyderabd, I requested for an invoice for my air tickets, and the staff there took extra pains to get it delivered to me in the Kingfisher lounge at the Hyderabd airport. Again, it was a great demonstration of customer care, becuase, they had to literally chase me and deliver the the invoice to me, when I was busy buying a book at the Landmark bookstall inside the airport.

Then comes the anti climax, which nullified all these good acts of customer care. While inside the flight back to Kochi, I requested for a bottle of water, and it took repeated reminders for them to deliver it to me. . The most frightening thing happened towards the end of the flight. The flight landed at Kochi by 7.45 p.m, and it was almost dark. The ground staff, who was giving signals to the pilot for parking was giving it with bare hands, without any illuminators or lights. The pilot took the flight forward as if he was handling a car or a bike. Only after the parking was done, I could see someone rushing to the scene with those red torches. I reported this to the ground staff of king fisher at Kochi, and they were only trying to wash their hands off, saying that, it is handled by a separate agency. There was no answer to the question ” How can the pilot, who is a Kingfisher staff, can take the flight forward without proper signal?.”.

I just returned my frequent flier card (silver) to them and proceeded my journey home.