To the terrorist on hire…

Dear young terrorist,

Do you know why you are doing, what you are doing?. Is it the energy of your youth just getting exploited the negative way, by the nexus between biggest crooks, with vested business interests (disguised as religious) and the corrupt politicians. Do you know why you are dying?. Why are you wasting your beautiful lives, by allowing others to fool you with the wrong reasons?.

Am I mistaken?. Is not your life that beautiful?. Does it have some unforgettable scars from the childhood, which was again imparted by the fanatics-politician nexus – created riots for selfish gains, which you thought is a noble cause to sacrifice your life even.  If your family members got killed or raped and if your house got looted right in front of you, I understand the burning fire within you. It is indeed terrible. But the truth is that, the one who hired you now, under whose influence you are today, who injected you with the  lies, drinks, drugs, AK 47s, RDX is the same force behind those negative scars in your mind as well. They are just using you, to kill the innocents. Like you are , these poor innocents you are killing are fathers, mothers, sisters, sons, daughters, brothers, friends, bread winners of many.

At the core of you, you are like any other ordinary youth, but unfortunately you got influenced by the evil people. You also could have been a loving son, brother, sister, uncle, husband, dad, friend, wife…. Why are you letting others to spoil your life and in turn other innocents life. Do you see any heroism in it. Any armed coward can do it to an unsuspecting, unarmed individual. There is no heroism in it, and at the same time I see heroes in the army men who fought till the end to save the innocents. I am sure that you would have made very good army personnel, if you were in the right hands, but unfortunately others could fool you into their larger vested business interests.

While praying for the souls of all who died because of terrorism, I will praying for the liberation of you from the hands of evil people and for your transformation into a young, energetic, vibrant youth, who can fight for the right causes, which will bring in positive results to human kind.

An empathiser

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