Keep your head empty to learn something new …

If you want to drink new tea you have to get rid of the old tea that’s in your cup, otherwise your cup just overflows and you get a wet mess. Your head is like that cup. It has a limited capacity and if you want to learn something about the world you should keep your head empty in order to learn it. It is very easy to spend your whole life swishing old tea around in your cup thinking it is great stuff because you have never really tried anything new, because you could never get it in, because the old stuff prevented its entry because you were so sure the old stuff was so good, because you never really tried anything new…… on and on in an endless circular pattern.


(LILA – an inquiry into Morals  by Robert M Pirsig )


Your dreams are not your’s alone…

You asked her to make-do in a one room apartment.

She did.

You got up at 3 to watch the World Cup. She made tea.

You never had to worry. About your health, your mom, your kids.

She did.

You sometimes forgot to say, “I love you.”, She never did.

 (An ad by Union Bank of India) 


Definition of dream by a great Indian

A dream is not something you see while sleeping. A dream is something which will not let you sleep.

By APJ Abdual Kalam, ex-president of India