Professional ethics of lousy managers

Professional ethics of lousy managers

1) They do not take responsibility for anything
2) Always blame others for all the problems
3) Take credit for all the good things thats happening
4) They are born pessimists
5) They always use the word ‘BUT’, and follows it up with ‘why things will not work’
6) They are against experimenting anything new
7) They use the word ‘they’, very often
8) They always think that their teams are incapable of doing things
9) They think that the team has to be managed, where as in reality they are terribly dependent on the team
10) They are mentally and physically burnt out
11) They do not like themselves even (forget about liking others)
12) They spend long hours in the office and expects others to follow them
13) They are not in Love
14) Work do not inspire them, and at the same time they fake ‘inspiration’ in front of the stakeholders
15) They do not thank any one
16) They are not grateful to anyone
17) While shaking hands they do not look into other’s eyes, instead they look at the carpet or at someone else or at the ceiling
18) They always try to be in the good books of their boss, at the cost of their team
19) They will never use the word ‘I’, instead they will use the word ‘We’ always. May be because they do not have the capability to do anything individually
20) While recruiting people, they always look for people who can be very ‘obedient’ and ‘Yes Sir’ kind of people
21) They always walk in for meetings late (as usual they have enough justifications like traffic jams, family problems, car service etc). Through this they demonstrate lot of lack of respect for other’s time
22) They always try to confront the people who disagree with them, rather than confronting the issues
23) They deny the existence of politics within organizations and play it nicely
24) They are always in a contract negotiation mode rather than customer collaboration mode, while dealing with customers
25) They see performers as threats

Please feel free to add the rest through your comments 🙂

One Reply to “Professional ethics of lousy managers”

  1. Nice list, some of the entries are funny and I’m sure everyone can relate to them.

    One the other hand, I disagree with some entries such as:

    #12: Usually I think it’s vice versa.
    #20: I don’t see any harm in recruiting an obedient person who’s actually good.

    Again, it’s a nice list.


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