I am ashamed of Indian politics becuase…

1) An politician do not need any qualification to become a politician

2) There is no commitment to any one

3) Not accountable for anything

4) No performance appraisals

incomplete list. time for flight

4 thoughts on “I am ashamed of Indian politics becuase…

  1. Politics is a very important part of the world. Indian politics has been able to keep up with hostile neighbour. Have been able to keep the unity in diversity (in some ways) sane in the country.

    Sane, since we are still able to attract business from 1/2 way around the world. Compare that with other countries on this side of the world. We are far better.

    I am not advocating the fact that lets not do anything about it. But lets also not loose sight of the facts of its results.

    Just a view point, I may contradict myself later.. 🙂


  2. i just posted my blog on the appraisal of the politicians not knowing about this one. I fully agree. Indian politicians’ credibility is totally eroded. They would really need to pull up their acts and thinking to re-establish the credibility of the entire community. There are of course few pockets of efficiencies. But that is not good enough.


  3. all the postings miss an essential point. as long as there is a need to govern we will require governments. how will we form this government is the issue. either thru heridity (monarchy), or thru totalitarian regimes (communist and dictators) or thru elections. the first two cannot be made to happen by the people – it is not as if we can vote to have a monarchy or appoint a dictator. it has to happen thru a unilateral action of an indvidual supported by a group.
    thus we are left with the only other alternative – vote thru elections. the people who get elected are called politicians. so we cannot wish them away. we can only change them – which is what we as people are supposed to do at every election time.
    so this kind of debates are non-starters ab intio.


  4. This post was made much much before the Mumbai terror attacks. After the attack, the entire nation’s anger was against the politicians, which is evident from the media. One central minister and the chief minister of Maharashtra lost their positions. In both these cases, they did not take responsibility but the accountability was thrust upon them.

    The media is getting stronger now with the coming of CNN-IBN, maturing of NDTV and some other channels with stronger and fearless reporting. So there is hope still.


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