Just add boiling water !

At Bangalore, sitting in this 2000 sqft apartment all alone, I am typing this blog entry along with my dinner, which I cooked myself by ‘just adding boiling water’ to the cup noodle. As a flashback the scenes of my grand father (who was a farmer), every member of the family  and the servants having sumptuous dinners every day looms large in my mind. Those days life was not as complicated as these days, still we had sophisticated as well as simple personalities living with same level of honour and dignity in the society. My grand father did not complete his high school education and became a successful farmer, where as his brother bacame a college principal after completing his Masters in English from UK, in the 1960s.

The first stimulus for writing this entry is in the paragraph above (my fate of having this self cooked noodle for dinner) and the second is George Bush’s (reaching end of presidential life) recent invention of the root cause for the economic turmoil the whole world is undergoing now.  According to him, Indians and Chinese have started consuming decent (junk) food and that is the root cause for the economic recession. Or is it the tissue culture !.  These may be some of those things my small brain cannot comprehend.

The quality of food an average Indian eats these days have deteriorated (toxic). We say that the quality of life have improved here, and at the same time we have the maximum number of diabetes patients in India now. Thanks to the import of the american lifestyle to this country along with the export of IT, which created enough opportunities for the youth of India to travel globally. I cannot put all the blame for this on others. Many Indians do not value what they have and want to blindly imitate the west.

Yesterday while travelling from Kochi to Bangalore by bus (thanks to the new airport, which is far away from my Bangalore house), a group of teenagers were sitting behind me. Their looks were very deceptive. They were wearing ear rings, tattoos, bracelets, listening to western music from their high end nokia+motorolla phones and when they spoke, it was the typical ‘kochi’ diaelect of the local language ‘Malayalam’. Why this craze for blind adoption of the western styles?.

There are exceptions!. One of my colleagues is a priest in a temple and at the same time he is the best c++ programmer in this part of the world. Always he dresses like a poojari (priest) only. The human resource department tried to change him in vain !.

One Reply to “Just add boiling water !”

  1. Hi Aby,

    Good post and really has a lot of meaning. Rings a bell in my mind too!

    Are you in Kochi? or do you shuttle between Blore and Kochi for your programs.

    My regards to your family members.

    Take good care.

    Kind Regards,
    Bharath S


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