Growing up with Rose !

Today is Rose’s first day at graduation. My visit to the college campus for the first time as a parent, made me experience unbridled nervousness. For the first time I experienced the ubiquitous possibilities, choices available to a teenager growing up in a bubbling city. For the first time I experienced an uncanny resemblance of my communication to her to the wordings of the letter my Dad wrote to me twenty four years ago, about the choices one have as a teenager and the importance of focusing on knowledge gaining as the priority.

During all my workshops and lectures, I stress on the importance of playing on the strengths of individuals. Now I am enacting it in my personal life as well. That could be the reason why I felt a sense of pride in encouraing her to pursue the subject of her strength –  ‘communicative english’ for her graduation, , to the dismay of many of her well wishers, who hails from a land which gives top priority to engineering and medical professions (may be true with all growing economies).

The decision is already proving right. I am awake at 4.a.m typing this. All of us (Rose, Jessy and Me) are really optimistic about the possibility of creating a positive Indian citizen, who will excel in her chosen field and life as well. After a very long time, I am very conscious about the words I choose, the punctuations and the grammer. After a long time, I am trying to improve my english language vocabulary. And finally this is the moment I really started communicating with Rose from an adult – adult ego state (till now it was always the parent or the child in me communicating to the child in her), and at times I am challenged about my mediocre command over the ‘English’ language !, and I take up the challenge, becuase it is indeed coming from a person who is better than me in that department, and wish her all success to be better than me in all positive endevours of her’s.

One thought on “Growing up with Rose !

  1. Too good an article…It is a nice decision to lead the daughter guide her to take the subject that she likes to do..I too am expecting our first baby on june20..
    On a lighter note.. in the above article ‘Grammar’ is misspelt as ‘Grammer’ 🙂



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