“Leave me here freely all alone,
In cell where never sunlight shone,
should no one ever speak to me,
This golden silence makes me free.”


A prayer for this week

Children are deprived not because we do not give them things, but because we do not sufficiently value what they give us. We need to be alert to welcome what children have to offer. You remember how Kahlil Gibran wrote about children,

You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

Our children are flying forward into areas we have not charted ourselves. What is asked of us is in Kahlil’s last phrase, ‘Even as the Archer loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.’ We are expected to be calm, reliable, showing a steady love in our own lives, and to offer our children what Jesus offered: time, love, stability, and a readiness to bless.

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Just add boiling water !

At Bangalore, sitting in this 2000 sqft apartment all alone, I am typing this blog entry along with my dinner, which I cooked myself by ‘just adding boiling water’ to the cup noodle. As a flashback the scenes of my grand father (who was a farmer), every member of the family  and the servants having sumptuous dinners every day looms large in my mind. Those days life was not as complicated as these days, still we had sophisticated as well as simple personalities living with same level of honour and dignity in the society. My grand father did not complete his high school education and became a successful farmer, where as his brother bacame a college principal after completing his Masters in English from UK, in the 1960s.

The first stimulus for writing this entry is in the paragraph above (my fate of having this self cooked noodle for dinner) and the second is George Bush’s (reaching end of presidential life) recent invention of the root cause for the economic turmoil the whole world is undergoing now.  According to him, Indians and Chinese have started consuming decent (junk) food and that is the root cause for the economic recession. Or is it the tissue culture !.  These may be some of those things my small brain cannot comprehend.

The quality of food an average Indian eats these days have deteriorated (toxic). We say that the quality of life have improved here, and at the same time we have the maximum number of diabetes patients in India now. Thanks to the import of the american lifestyle to this country along with the export of IT, which created enough opportunities for the youth of India to travel globally. I cannot put all the blame for this on others. Many Indians do not value what they have and want to blindly imitate the west.

Yesterday while travelling from Kochi to Bangalore by bus (thanks to the new airport, which is far away from my Bangalore house), a group of teenagers were sitting behind me. Their looks were very deceptive. They were wearing ear rings, tattoos, bracelets, listening to western music from their high end nokia+motorolla phones and when they spoke, it was the typical ‘kochi’ diaelect of the local language ‘Malayalam’. Why this craze for blind adoption of the western styles?.

There are exceptions!. One of my colleagues is a priest in a temple and at the same time he is the best c++ programmer in this part of the world. Always he dresses like a poojari (priest) only. The human resource department tried to change him in vain !.

Growing up with Rose !

Today is Rose’s first day at graduation. My visit to the college campus for the first time as a parent, made me experience unbridled nervousness. For the first time I experienced the ubiquitous possibilities, choices available to a teenager growing up in a bubbling city. For the first time I experienced an uncanny resemblance of my communication to her to the wordings of the letter my Dad wrote to me twenty four years ago, about the choices one have as a teenager and the importance of focusing on knowledge gaining as the priority.

During all my workshops and lectures, I stress on the importance of playing on the strengths of individuals. Now I am enacting it in my personal life as well. That could be the reason why I felt a sense of pride in encouraing her to pursue the subject of her strength –  ‘communicative english’ for her graduation, , to the dismay of many of her well wishers, who hails from a land which gives top priority to engineering and medical professions (may be true with all growing economies).

The decision is already proving right. I am awake at 4.a.m typing this. All of us (Rose, Jessy and Me) are really optimistic about the possibility of creating a positive Indian citizen, who will excel in her chosen field and life as well. After a very long time, I am very conscious about the words I choose, the punctuations and the grammer. After a long time, I am trying to improve my english language vocabulary. And finally this is the moment I really started communicating with Rose from an adult – adult ego state (till now it was always the parent or the child in me communicating to the child in her), and at times I am challenged about my mediocre command over the ‘English’ language !, and I take up the challenge, becuase it is indeed coming from a person who is better than me in that department, and wish her all success to be better than me in all positive endevours of her’s.

Action wihout Words !

Something to think and pray about this week

In the Kingdom of God, it is deeds that count, not words. Some of the most Christian events are conducted without words. I once lived with two old Jesuits, Piaras (who was passionate about Irish) and Willie (who was passionate about exercise). They had warm hearts behind exteriors that might have seemed crotchety to a stranger. In fact they seemed crotchety to one another. After years of increasingly cross exchanges, they lapsed into silence with one another, and stopped talking. They could get away with it in a large community. Willie, the older of the two, used spend part of his morning collecting firewood outside and bringing it to his fireplace. But in his late eighties, as he grew more bent and feeble, this became too hard for him. It was as much as he could do to walk outside, much less collect and carry.
One morning he came back from his walk to find his fire made up, and a stack of dry wood beside it. The pattern was repeated, day after day. Piaras had noticed the plight of his old sparring partner, and every day gathered a bundle for him. No words were exchanged. Instead Willie would use his morning walk, once a week, to visit the corner shop and buy a bag of Piaras’s favourite sweets. Every Friday he would leave them at Piaras’s door, without a word. So the exchange went on, firewood for sweets, week by week till Willie lapsed into his final illness. Piaras came to make peace with him, but talk was unnecessary. They had made up long before, without words.


Circle of concerns ! systems thinking

When the oil prices goes up, the air ticket charges will go up. Once the air ticket charges goes up, the number of passengers taking the flights will reduce. This will reduce the profitability of the airline companies. Many will close down. Lot of people will switch to cheaper mode of transport. This in turn will force the airline companies to cancel the huge orders they have placed on air craft manufacturers without paying any penalties, because most of them have delayed the delivery dates of the orders placed on them. This in turn will will lead to reduction in pricing of the aircrafts …. there is no end to it…..