Growing up with Rosanna !

The day Rosanna was born, I became a Dad. Now Rosanna is 18 years old and I feel as if I have a very best friend in her. She is growing up, so am I. Any regrets? Yes – not spending enough time with her, when she had the time, when she was a small baby. At that time my salary was very less in India and I wanted to make more money. So I left for Muscat, leaving her behind for a couple of years. That was time lost indeed and at the same time that decision allowed me to save some money to buy my first apartment. Then when I came back, I got engrossed in my work (yes, I did spend time with my family…and it could have been more:-).  Now she is grown up and is going to college. And soon, she will be employed and will have her own family and get busier. By then I will retire, will have more time, money, my health will deteriorate and will have all the time for her. Will She have the time for me?. Why should she?

Recently a friend of mine met with a car accident. A speeding car hit him, and he sommersaulted and fell on the wind shield of the car. By God’s grace nothing happened to him. While sommersaulting in the air, the first thought came to his mind was ‘His family’  and then he thought of  ‘His Work’. I think that is the right priority 🙂


2 thoughts on “Growing up with Rosanna !

  1. Just after I read your blog, I got a call from a colleague of mine in US. He is enginnering manager in a $100 mn company. His forth daughter is not feeling well. He decided to take leave till his daughter feels well. Culturally, are we motivated just by work and its rewards ? While talking to different people, i think that is work and rewards is what is motivating us.
    Sorry to keep legs on both boats, but, money is also needed to live. The fact is where to we draw a line b/w work and family and when.

    In one of the previous posts, you had mentioned about the zeal for life. The truth is ‘what you want to achieve in life’ drives you..

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