life style innovation !

I just landed back to my home after a 15 days trip. It is nice to be back after a 15 days of training spree. I am just mastering the art of getting the maximum ROI from the ipod i bought recently. I did not buy it for the usefulness of it, but for the beauty of it. I am really bowled over by the vision of Apple ” We want to be the thin line between art and technology”, which is reflected in all their products.

Now I am trying to find out some meaning for my investment. I am slowly  mastereing the art of downloading you-tube videos on to my ipod, file types and conversions so that I can watch them while travelling. This should definitely improve my productivity as I will not be spending hours together watching videos  when I am at work.

After starting my own company, I have not attended many training programs. This ipod can definitely act as a class room training substitute.

I think this is enough from a Rs. 13,000 investment on a ipod classic 80 GB !.

I am at peace with myself now. Immediately after buying it, I felt as if I made a wrong buy – if it is just for listening to music, which I dont do very often. If I can use it for learning and updating my knowledge, while physically active, then I have all reasons to be happy and I am HAPPY!


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