Aby why can’t you become a ‘SUCCESS’ coach?

During my last project management workshop, one of the participants asked me this question. My immediate reaction was ‘I  dont rate myself as a very successful person, then how can I coach others?’. Then I asked myself this question… Am I successful?.

I am successful than many and at the same time ‘less successful’ than many :-). What are the stuff, that make me think that I am successful?

  • Family – Despite many roller coaster rides, thank God and my wife, My family is still intact. When I look around at the very successful people of this era, for majority of them, their family is intact. Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Narayana Murthy, Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Ashok Soota, Sharuk Khan, Amtabh Bachan, Sachin Tendulkar,…..the list goes on…their families are intact. From these living examples, I conclude that for every successful man, there is an intact family behind him/her. In that measure, I am reasonably blessed.
  • Health – Most of the successful men have reasonably good health. Thank GOD, my health as of today is okay, despite me neglecting it to the core. This is a high risk area for me…and many IT professionals. Need to focus better.
  • Contribution factor : The ability to contribute (preventing entropy). I am successful in maintaining my ability to contribute to my chosen field by constantly upgrading my knowledge.
  • Child like enthusiasm : Most of the successful guys have a child like enthusiasm about life itself ( I think I have this)
  • Money : Thank God, I have sufficient money to see me through life. I may not have a surplus of it, and I am better than many.

Why do I rate myself less successful than many others?

I have not defined ‘SUCCESS’ yet !. Even now, for me ‘SUCCESS’ is about having things which I dont possess already. I think my definition success itself is wrong.

When I see somebody flying First class, when I fly business class  I get a feeling of lack of success !. The same feeling crops up again and again when;

  • Someone drives a better car than the one I have
  • Someone has a better house than mine
  • Someone has a better mobile phone than mine
  • Some one has more wealth than me
  • Some one has a better physique than me

I am making a fool out of me, by seeing just one dimension of these lives. Always I am going to see someone having something better than what I have. This is a never ending story. It is a very wrong perception of success. There can be many like me, who has fallen into this trap.

The moment I realize that this thinking itself is wrong, I am successful !. Thanks to blogging. This blog entry makes me think that ‘I AM SUCCESSFUL’ !  I am Happy !

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