Do Indians need to be challenged to perform !

Gandhiji had to be thrown out of the train in South Africa for his adrenalin to pump, resulting in the exit of the British from India. The 20-20 Indian cricket (world champions) team was the underdogs till the tournament started and at some point in time they were on the verge of exit. Captain Dhoni was frank enough to accept the fact that ‘lack of confidence by former indian cricketers in his teams ability to win’ irked him and his team mebers, which resulted in better teaming. The movie, Chuk De India – also portrays a similar situations. The current tour of the Indian cricket team is another example. The Australian’s tried to bully them, and it resulted in better teaming.

The same situation prevails at work. Very often the best performance comes out when one is challenged!. This is what is lacking in the Indian IT field. We are not challenged, or rather, the challenges are not visible to the average IT worker. We donot have a common enemy. Having a common enemy to fight / to play the game is a must for every Indian (my view)  

2 Replies to “Do Indians need to be challenged to perform !”

  1. I will say instead of common enemy, we dont have perfect Leader to takes us to new heights by motivating us. I see Singapore and Japan achieved their high growth levels against all odds just by beating their earlier goals not by seeing someone else.

    Dhoni has all rights to say like that. Because he is going to get 6 Cr. from the IPL bid! 🙂


  2. ‘What is the trigger for someone to become a leader?’. I am just wondering. I am sure that every leader is influenced by something either positive or negative. Something prompts them to commit to a cause and to go to any extent to make it happen. Any clues?….


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