Vacation is over – Work starts now

My vacation is over and from tomorrow onwards I am at Dubai – starting off with a PMdistilled workshop. In fact I did not relax during this vacation also as usual. I was just busy with a different set of activities, which normally I dont do, when I am busy with my work. Some of the fruitful things I did during this vacation include;

1) 3 trips to Cherai beach

2) Attending 6 family functions

3) Investing in real estate (paid the advance for a Villa)

4) Spending some time with family (had a family get together where all my siblings were present)

5) Spending some time with my daughter

6) Deleting some blogs

Now it is time to embrace year 2008 – professionally !

One thought on “Vacation is over – Work starts now

  1. I am afraid I do understand. There have been times when I may have gone for years without a day off from work. When I get in that mood, friends and family look at me like I am crazy but my banker,creditors and investment broker love me. Play hard – work hard – but don’t get it mixed up.


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