classtube crosses 1000 registered users and will soon touch 1000000000000 !

Getting the initial set of users for  any newly launched product, in this case classtube (a SAAS – software as a service) for e-learning (students, teachers and organizations), is the most challenging.  Today is a proud moment for all of us at classtube, becuase the number of registered users crossed 1000 today within 3 minutes – SORRY – three month’s 🙂 of it’s launch. Thank you very much for your support and my special thanks to Tony Benito, who really made it possible.  We dont know whether this is the tipping point or not. We are just keeping our fingers crossed. With just two programs going live, 1000 registered users in 3 months flat gives us some hope :-).

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2 thoughts on “classtube crosses 1000 registered users and will soon touch 1000000000000 !

  1. Hello,
    all but a year ago now, my computer got a positively grim virus. I’m not true how it started, but my computer kept infuriating to run unfamiliar programs and would and chevy s10 problems become fixed up emere after it was turned on from vexing to run them. My cousin who has IT episode tried to assistants us out. We got the computer stabilised and workable and ended up re-installing Windows upward of the corrupted version. At the after we meditation the difficulty was dealt with. even so, we installed multiple virus scanners and ran scans with AVG exempted from, Virusinspection, Spybot, A
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    Deckard’s structure glance at
    Run by Gerry on 2008-06-23 01:10:41
    Computer is in natural Mode.


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