Benefits of blogging

Yesterday I watched the debate on NDTV regarding blogging. I am blogging for the past few years and these are my learnings;

  • I hate others blogs. I keep visiting  compulsive confessor, becuase I want to understand how the current generation of Indians think and act. I dont even remember other blog titles, except my own blogs. My mind goes blank, when I try to recollect the names of other blogs !. So is it much ado about nothing !
  • I dont hate my blog. I am in love with my blogs. They give me company. I just watch the hits going up (most of the visits are by myself, just to check the hit counter – If there is a comment posted by someone I am lucky). Even then it is satisfying.
  • It does not matter whether other’s like my blogs or not… that is the beauty of blogging. I dont need other’s approval for blogging
  • Blogging helps me to enjoy freedom of speach
  • Blogging helps me to respect others (defamation suits, Intellectual property violations)
  • Blogging helps me brand me
  • Blogging helps me to release tension
  • When i dont have anything else to do, I can blog
  • When I have too many things to do, I can blog – just to escape from them
  • Blogging teaches me to observe things and situations better – You are always in the look out for something to blog
  • A blog picks up, if it has some value to deliver to the reader
  • A blog has to be nurtured like a plant. It has to grow and blossom
  • Others think that you are doing some very important work
  • When my mind is not working, I just blog :-). The number of entries in my blog is directly proportional to the dullness of my mind (sometimes)
  • When i brim with energy – I blog sometimes
  • When i dont get sleep…instead of smoking another cigarette…I blog
  • Recently someone recognized me at the airport becuse he reads my blogs – that was quite satisfying
  • I am dreaming about the day I become a celebrity blogger and my blogs getting 1000000000000000000000 hits / day 🙂

See you then. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Benefits of blogging

  1. Surely your blog will get more hits than what you mentioned. All points you mentioned for blogging is true. I felt the same way when I do my blogging. I was following you from 2004. But that was in yahoo groups and PM Distilled site. You are doing good job. Keep it up.


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