Finish it Off – Done (fast)

When I enjoy something, I want more of it. It can be just surfing the net, work, partying, design..etc etc…. I dont feel guilty about it, because it is human tendency to do so. I have lot of work to complete today, still I am blogging and I am enjoying it. There are some very important work pending. I will do it, that is for sure and at times, there are situations where my very important work is affected becuase of these flirtations with the stuff I enjoy. One side the innovative me is in action, where as on the other hand that solid work I must complete to make some meaning out of the innovative work I am doing is waiting for attention. 

I can spend another 10 minutes perfecting and enhancing this blog entry and I am not going to do it, becuse I have to submit two business proposals and be ready with the course material for a one day program !.

While enjoying work, the urge to finish it off fast  and move on to the next is also very important.

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