Project management thought for 2008!

It is a confused world out there. People want to make money, by working in non-profit making initiatives. We have the PMBOK by the project management institute, which is a non profit making organization, which offers nothing free of cost. The PMI claims that PMBOK is the de facto standard for project management. Then the Britishers say PRINCE2 is the defacto standard for project management. Now I see P2M by the Project management association of Japan and there is another one from the Australians.

As a project manager and as a project management trainer from India, we have to cater to the needs of the customers from USA,UK,Australia and Japan…and many other countries, who are aligned to one of these methods (rather imposed). If this much complexity is not sufficient, then comes the Agile Gurus, who just plucked out the rolling wave planning and built on it’s foundation. Dont think that Agile Alliance membership is free. They also want to make money.

If this much is not enough, then there are another set of customers, who do not beileve in anything. The mantra is ‘Just Do What I Say – JDWIS’. This category of Customers allocates work whenever they feel like, will change it whenever they like and they also insist on plans and schedules. They need Extreme XP !

When I compare all these models, the similarities are more than the dissimalrities.

Here goes the similarities;

1) Everyone wants to make money

2) Everyone wants to use these methods as a strategic weapon to capture markets

3) It is the same old wine, in different bottles.

4) The Ingredients of the wine are plan – do – check and act

As an Indian project manager, I am sand witched between all these. In one of my project management workshops we were discussing about the need to understand the different cultures to function effectively as a global project manager. Suddenly someone posed this question….”Are we trying please everyone?. Is it becuase we do not have our own style?.  What is our style?. Are we just trying to impress others?. “.

In the past, we had some bad experiences with the flawed implementations of CMM. India is a nation which writes the maximum number of software code and at the same time we have not produced many killing software products coming out of India. Is this the price we are paying for trying to please others (hang over from the colonial India).

I think it is high time to filter the best out of all these and form a NON ALIGNED PROJECT MANAGEMENT !

It is disgusting to see this much ado about nothing. It is  high time to dispell all these and come out with a simpler – just enough one !. A NON aligned one – An all aligned one !.

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