No resolution is my new year resolution for year 2008

Past two weeks I was spending time at my Village, doing nothing related to the corporate world. Nothing happened to the corporate world. It went on smoothly (if not better), without me. My life was also resonably good, without the corporate world. During my teens, this song was very popular ‘We dont need now education…We dont need now thought control…’. Hope this song is very popular even now becuase my daughter sings it once in a while (especially when her grades in school is not that great!).  We are all trained to live in a specific manner (as a doctor, as an engineer, as a coder….). We believe that that is our destiny. ‘Success is the enemy of greatness’ …very true indeed. Once we are successful, we are ‘Ok’ with it and does not want to try anything different.

I am an electrical engineer by profession, worked in the software engineering field for a very long time…..and I made my money in real estate 🙂

My resolution for this New year is to take no resolution at all. I just want to enjoy life…a day at a time. Let us see what happens !  

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