Do Indians need to be challenged to perform !

Gandhiji had to be thrown out of the train in South Africa for his adrenalin to pump, resulting in the exit of the British from India. The 20-20 Indian cricket (world champions) team was the underdogs till the tournament started and at some point in time they were on the verge of exit. Captain Dhoni was frank enough to accept the fact that ‘lack of confidence by former indian cricketers in his teams ability to win’ irked him and his team mebers, which resulted in better teaming. The movie, Chuk De India – also portrays a similar situations. The current tour of the Indian cricket team is another example. The Australian’s tried to bully them, and it resulted in better teaming.

The same situation prevails at work. Very often the best performance comes out when one is challenged!. This is what is lacking in the Indian IT field. We are not challenged, or rather, the challenges are not visible to the average IT worker. We donot have a common enemy. Having a common enemy to fight / to play the game is a must for every Indian (my view)  

Getting civlized and loosing

 Here is a news item appeared in the economic times

 PERTH: Struggling to digest the defeat India rammed down the hosts’ throat in the third Test, a section of the Australian media on Sunday reacted with dented pride and hurt ego as it sought to pick holes in the visitors’ emphatic win.

Stung after Anil Kumble and his comrades-in-arms halted the Australian juggernaut, denying them a record 17th straight Tests win, the media here cried foul, blaming the defeat to India’s financial clout and the game’s “weak-kneed” governing body.

“India’s stunning performance in the third Test at the WACA should be dedicated to a lot more than the 11 players out on the field,” a whining report in the ‘Courier Mail’ said.

“They should share their pay cheques with their bullying officials back home, the weak-kneed administrators at the International Cricket Council and certain members of the media who have taken every opportunity to put the knife into the Aussies since this series began,” Mike Colman wrote in the daily.

The barrage of criticism after the acrimonious Sydney Test had forced Ricky Ponting and his teammates to discard their ruthlessness and the rather civilised approach to the game never really worked for them, he said.

“Remember that scene in one of the Rocky movies where Rocky’s trainer tells him he’s no longer feared by his opponents?

‘Kid,’ he says, ‘the worst thing that could happen to a fighter happened to you. You got civilised.'”

“In the space of a week the Australians got civilised…So instead of a confident, arrogant, winning team, we get a nice, civilised one. Maybe a losing one,” it rued.

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Vacation is over – Work starts now

My vacation is over and from tomorrow onwards I am at Dubai – starting off with a PMdistilled workshop. In fact I did not relax during this vacation also as usual. I was just busy with a different set of activities, which normally I dont do, when I am busy with my work. Some of the fruitful things I did during this vacation include;

1) 3 trips to Cherai beach

2) Attending 6 family functions

3) Investing in real estate (paid the advance for a Villa)

4) Spending some time with family (had a family get together where all my siblings were present)

5) Spending some time with my daughter

6) Deleting some blogs

Now it is time to embrace year 2008 – professionally !

classtube crosses 1000 registered users and will soon touch 1000000000000 !

Getting the initial set of users for  any newly launched product, in this case classtube (a SAAS – software as a service) for e-learning (students, teachers and organizations), is the most challenging.  Today is a proud moment for all of us at classtube, becuase the number of registered users crossed 1000 today within 3 minutes – SORRY – three month’s 🙂 of it’s launch. Thank you very much for your support and my special thanks to Tony Benito, who really made it possible.  We dont know whether this is the tipping point or not. We are just keeping our fingers crossed. With just two programs going live, 1000 registered users in 3 months flat gives us some hope :-).

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Benefits of blogging

Yesterday I watched the debate on NDTV regarding blogging. I am blogging for the past few years and these are my learnings;

  • I hate others blogs. I keep visiting  compulsive confessor, becuase I want to understand how the current generation of Indians think and act. I dont even remember other blog titles, except my own blogs. My mind goes blank, when I try to recollect the names of other blogs !. So is it much ado about nothing !
  • I dont hate my blog. I am in love with my blogs. They give me company. I just watch the hits going up (most of the visits are by myself, just to check the hit counter – If there is a comment posted by someone I am lucky). Even then it is satisfying.
  • It does not matter whether other’s like my blogs or not… that is the beauty of blogging. I dont need other’s approval for blogging
  • Blogging helps me to enjoy freedom of speach
  • Blogging helps me to respect others (defamation suits, Intellectual property violations)
  • Blogging helps me brand me
  • Blogging helps me to release tension
  • When i dont have anything else to do, I can blog
  • When I have too many things to do, I can blog – just to escape from them
  • Blogging teaches me to observe things and situations better – You are always in the look out for something to blog
  • A blog picks up, if it has some value to deliver to the reader
  • A blog has to be nurtured like a plant. It has to grow and blossom
  • Others think that you are doing some very important work
  • When my mind is not working, I just blog :-). The number of entries in my blog is directly proportional to the dullness of my mind (sometimes)
  • When i brim with energy – I blog sometimes
  • When i dont get sleep…instead of smoking another cigarette…I blog
  • Recently someone recognized me at the airport becuse he reads my blogs – that was quite satisfying
  • I am dreaming about the day I become a celebrity blogger and my blogs getting 1000000000000000000000 hits / day 🙂

See you then. 🙂