Happy Christmas To All

Silent night, holy night

All is calm, all is bright

Round yon Virgin Mother and Child

Holy Infant so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, holy night!

Shepherds quake at the sight

Glories stream from heaven afar

Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!

Christ, the Saviour is born

Christ, the Saviour is born.

Silent night, holy night

Son of God, love’s pure light

Radiant beams from Thy holy face

With the dawn of redeeming grace

Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth.


Another PMP success story from PMRI (Project Management Research Institute)

Hi Aby,
Hope you are doing fine..Thanks for your support and contributions…
In fact, my “Project Management” of preparation for the PMP exam couldn’t have been worse… immediately after the course in Abu Dhabi i had to move to Bahrain and my visa got expired on 3rd December..so i was stuck up in Bahrain… only few days before my visa got renewed and i planned at the last moment to schedule the exam on 17th, a day before my final interview as Sr.Project manager for a US Management consulting firm (both events in Dubai).
So i just got about 2-3 days to prepare for the test!! I got hold of a PMBOK book from a friend and started reading it… the progress was too slow in the given context. so on the last day i thought of doing the sample test just to get aquainted to the PMBOK environment (the easiest way/short cut)… while waiting for the approval, i started going through the handouts you had provided… There was not even enough time to fully go through them and cross refer the PMBOK on important areas… so i couldnt even go on to the class tube on the last day…baisically i was on a “Fast track- come- Crash mode”. i didn’t even sleep 1 minute on the night before the test!! (not at all advisable). Had 3-4 Red Bulls to keep me awake… directly caught the flight to Dubai at 7 am, reached Dubai at 9:30.. bought a bottle from the Duty free ( to celebrate in the evening for whatever result ) took a taxi staright to the Knowledge village and checked-in for the exam (again with 2 cans of Red Bull to keep me awake during the “4 hours”…)
I was very slow to start with… probably due to fatigue… but within the next 15-20 minutes… i was keeping up with the required pace… Finally i completed with almost 20 minutes to spare… i tried my best to review the marked questions… but by that time it was too much for me.. i just unmarked all the marked ones in 2 minutes and pressed for the result …….and it said “Congratulations you have passed”!!! I got a print out of the result and dashed to the Hotel… had a couple of them twice and went to sleep..
My interview started at 8:30 morning next day.While the interviewer took my CV out to start the interview, i requested that there was a small correction in the CV…he thought i had given some wrong information.. I said i just wanted to let him know that i passed my PMP test the day before…it was a pleasent surprise for him.. the interview was good and he said i will be given an offer in writing by 1st week of January… So i have decided that i deserve a vacation and am scheduled for the Christmas vacation to Trivandrum from 23rd Dec to second week of January.
Once again many thanks to you. Wish you and family a Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance.
kind regards,
name suppressesd due to confidentiality reasons
This student attended the PMdistilled (PMP preparatory program) offered by The Project Management Research Institute

A project management chat without firewalls


Abrachan: good afternoon

Otherside: I’ve not yet received any updates from you regarding the class

as we discussed earlier it is supposed to start this 20th


Abrachan: I am ready

what about you do you have time to devote

otherside: ofcourse, but now i am in a holiday mood actually :)… Christmas is almost ahead and I’m going to sing for carol programms now a days. So I would be happy if we can start 27

if u don’t mind


Abrachan: thats fine


otherside: I prefer mornings say from 5.30. But it all depends on your availablity

Sent at 12:50 PM on Tuesday

otherside: Sir kindly see our past chats as follows:

abrachan: Pay us 100 dollars – we will put you on a crash course for 1 month, 1 hour / day with weekly scheduled voice chat with the instructor + we give you 35 contact hours + online test simulator and assured success 🙂
4:12 PM examoples will be from IT
me: What I am looking for is a mentor who is having software project management experience and also one who can guide me to my PMP Certification
abrachan: Iam the right person 🙂


Abrachan: ok

otherside: so I thought it to be a month long one with 1 hour schedules… is there any difference ?


Abrachan: you will complete 48 online modules within a month

will have weekend chats ..for clarification and guidance

that is fine with me. it all depends on how much time you can spend every day

it should be possible to complete the 48 modules in 30 days

with one hour dedication / day

otherside: I can spend arround 1.5 hours of instructor led course as u mentioned (from 5.30 AM to 7.00 AM). Also I can spend arround 2 hours of study time in addition.


Abrachan: budget 30 days

otherside: right


Abrachan: I will email you the course coverage

otherside: ok sir please do. I am planning to write the exam by the end of Jan or beginning of Feb. So kindly provide me the details


Abrachan: dont worry. I assure you success

if you follow the study plan, you will pass

Wish you avery merry Christmas in advance

otherside: Same to you sir…

So when can I expect your mail ?


Abrachan: before today evening

Sent at 1:03 PM on Tuesday

otherside: Sir can I ask u a doubt, if u r free ?


Abrachan: sure

Sent at 1:19 PM on Tuesday

otherside: As you know at present I am working in the software industry and my wife is also working in the software industry. So,we feel its risky to be in the same industry. If I take Project Management as my profession and take PMP, will it have any relavance for other industry ? For Eg. Is it possible for me to shift to some other Vertical as a PM ?

I mean a midcourse correction


Abrachan: PMP certification is not domain specific. IN my last batch, I had people from it, construction , hr and mechanical disciplines

Hence this certification will help you in any field you choose…if you are planning to tread the project manager route

otherside: yes I know that but what if I change the trade now to a different domain with the PMP brand

would like to get your openinon on that


Abrachan: which trade?

otherside: I can shift to HR/Finance since I’m an MBA


Abrachan: Finance it will defintely help you

otherside: but I have’nt seen any PMP’s in Finance


Abrachan: bad luck 🙂

yes, it is rare. I did get a couple of them in my trainings

what is that you want to do with your career?

otherside: I belive the PMP’s are in IT and Construction industry mostly right ?


Abrachan: You sound very direction leass and confused 🙂

otherside: Actually I am lil bit confused to be frank


Abrachan: am I right? 🙂

otherside: yes


Abrachan: are u on voice

otherside: sorry its not allowed here sir


Abrachan: ok

You and me work only 8000 days (approx) a life time

some part of it is already over

otherside: ok right



Abrachan: Whcih skillset of yours is getting you your salary now?

otherside: Business Analysis and Project Management in Software


Abrachan: why are you insecure here?

are you technical?

otherside: I am not technical and that makes me insecure


Abrachan: are you good in any particular domain…are you as good as a chartered accountant or cost accountant in finance

otherside: also I feel Insecure since my wife is also in the software field and when people talks of another software recession coming up…


Abrachan: If you are very good in anything, then there is no need to panic

only generalists need to worry

otherside: I am not as good as a chartered accountant or cost accountant in finance.


Abrachan: how old are you

otherside: most of our projects are from various domains

I am 31 now


Abrachan: 🙂

otherside: some are from finance, some from food industry, some from travel and tourism etc so no specific indepth knowledge in any domain


Abrachan: PMP certification alone will not help…along with it you should make concrete efforts to be a contributing project manager – for that you should be good in technology or domain or in both

if not in IT, what are the other things you can do?

otherside: I understood

hmmm I still have to find the answer for that question


Abrachan: the best is yet to come. I am entering a new field – construction and real estate now. and I am 47. I am not loosing my current skills….I am building on it, and at the same time exploring new avenues as well

otherside :  oh that is really nice…


Abrachan: a kind of skillset portfolio managtement


otherside: hmmm


Abrachan: have you heard of BCG matrix

otherside: BCG Group builders ?


Abrachan: stars, question marks, cows and dogs

boston consulting group matrix

ajiljose: no sir


Abrachan: cows are those skillsets or projects, which are giving you your salary or income now

otherside: ok


Abrachan: after some years they will become dogs (end of life)

To sustain your employability, you need to dream about new avenues now itself

those are the stars

otherside: so construction industry is the new star for you ?


Abrachan: then you invest in the shortlisted stars….which become question marks (no returns for some time..only expenditure)

then after some time they become cows

always you should have projects in all these four quadrants to sustain yourself

for me PMP training is cow now

otherside: sir do u have url’s to get more reading of this topic ? it sounds really interesting and motivating


Abrachan: it is my innovation

actually they apply BCG for organizational portfolio management..I am just extending it to personal skillset portfolio management

go to google and search for BCG matrix

otherside: done !


Abrachan: for me e-learning and consulting are the question marks

construction is ????

otherside: star ?


Abrachan: my electrical engineering knowledge has become a dog 🙂

construction is star

if you are doing some reaerch on this, then look at ESBI matrix by Robert KAyasaki as well



Abrachan: PMP you can treat it as an investment. Definitely it will add value…atleast you will become more employable across the globe

otherside: yes I belive that


Abrachan: most of the gys who got it, either got a promotion or they switched to a better job

otherside: but now a days some people are saying against PMI too… I noticed it in a yahoo group


Abrachan: You get better acceptability as a project manager, and you will be slightly more confident in your professional dealings

some are against agile, some ara aginst PMI, some are against PRINCE2….

Your project is most important for you. KNow all these concepts, and apply if these helps to manage your work better

otherside: not exactly, they are saying that PMP will not last more than one year or so


Abrachan: 🙂

I dont know

They should be more knowledgeable than me !

otherside: sir i’m just passing on an information i got… sorry if it hurt


Abrachan: The fact is that, you are in better demand with a PMP credential than without it. dont worry, I am beyond all tehse

otherside: ok fine


Abrachan: I am trainer and consultant of agile and prince2 as well

I am a certified scrum master, and a princes pratitioner certified

all i can say is ‘ project managet is here to stay’ and those who can manage projects better will be in demand 🙂

otherside: Sir this is the information i got “NONE
of the exam based credentials are worth a hoot, and the fact that you
are seeing “PMP Required” in help wanted advertisements only supports
the argument that at least in India, (and formerly in China) the PMP
has reached the status of a cult, which is far, far beyond any
rational justification. Sooner or later, those who pay (Companies
like Wipro?) are going to wake up and realize that the PMP has little
or no bearing on whether projects are run any better. And when that
realization comes, just like any other “bubble”, when it bursts, some
people are going to be hurt by it.

My reason for contributing so much to this forum is because I see
this bubble approaching the bursting point, and as a lifelong project
manager, I hate to see the practice of project management be hurt
because of unfounded marketing hype setting unrealistic expectations.

How do I know this? Because I am seeing our Fortune 500 clients who
were “early adopters” of the PMP, starting to abandon it and move
towards other certifications. In almost all cases, the
certifications these world class clients are seeking out are
COMPETENCY based credentials.

And more and more, I am seeing them attracted to what GAPPS is
offering- www.globalpmstandar ds.org. This organization has created
competency based standards and have put them on the internet for
FREE, under “open source” or “copyleft” licensing. Why? Because some
of us don’t believe it appropriate for legitimate not-for-profit
professional organizations to be making millions of dollars from IP
which was voluntarily provided by those of us who practice the art
and science of project management.

So look beyond the “sizzle” and start to look for some of the steak!!”


Abrachan: It is just waste of time

otherside: 🙂


Abrachan: You do, what you want to do. There can be always multiple views 🙂

otherside: ofcourse you are right

I do belive PMP can make my profession better anyway


Abrachan: I have highly experienced project managers attending my courses One guy was 55 years old, and has managed projects worth millions of dollars at stake. He comes for PMP becuase without it he was not getting a job in USA or Canada (he wanted to migrate)

And after PMP he got it

otherside: PMP is sought in Canada too ?


Abrachan: I can cite several cases like these

every where?.

otherside: I thought Prince to be popular in Americas anc Canada


Abrachan: MAy be in UK, prince2 is more promoted, because it is coined by them

otherside: oh i see


Abrachan: PMP is from USA, hence that is for the rest of the world

otherside: ya I got it…

Last day I received my PMI membership certificate from PMI

and I joined Cochin Chapter for last chapter meetings


Abrachan: If I am doing an IT project, I will follow only agile methodologies, and at the same time will try to plug in whatever is useful from other methods as well

what is the URL for cochin chapter

PMI covers rolling wave plan, which is the backbone of all agile methods

otherside: Cochin chapter is not yet formed officialy. Only some unofficial meeting to form one is going on in Infopark


Abrachan: ok

otherside: ok should I go thru the PMBOK once before I sit for morning classes so that I can ask doubts ?


Abrachan: No need…it is very dry

read it along with the class

complete the PM essentials program before the class

that will help

otherside: do u mind asking you doubts each day ? Will it distrub others who are listening ?

ok I shall complete it sit


otherside oh so that means I can ask doubts while I take up class… right sir ?


Abrachan: thats encouraged

otherside: Shall i tell about this to my friends ?


Abrachan: sure

otherside: I mean how many can you accomodate ?


Abrachan: I dont want to enroll more than five per batch



ng of Cochin chapter this 21 i suppose (not sure). I shall inform about your class to PMP aspirants. Is it okay ?


Abrachan: If you have friends who are interested, they are welcome

thats perfectly allright

you can tell them about the PM essentials module on classtube, which is free


otherside: is there any broachure or something which I can show them ?

okay I shall do that


Abrachan: you can tell them that I have already delivered 95 workshops in ASia during the last two years…so they need not worry about the credibility factor



Abrachan: there is one site www.pmdistilled.com which is getting updated now



Abrachan: then there is abrachan.org

then there is www.pmrinstitute.com


Abrachan: this also getting updated now

I will email you the course outline by today evening

otherside: okay sir… thankyou for your time

it was really helpful for me


Abrachan: thank you too

nice to hear that

bye for now

you have a wonderful cute little daughter


Abrachan: enjoy time with her too…they grow up fast


Otherside : Do you want to see her snap ?


Abrachan: i can see one in the chat


Sent at 2:19 PM on Tuesday