ClassTubing from Prologic Innovation Campus

Hey we are really working as a team now. There is that burning desire to wake up early to see the developments at . Always daring to dream. We want to make it the best in it’s class. Day by day our product is evolving and she is getting more and more attractive day by day!. I am talking about

In my workshops I preach about the need of a compelling product vision and what will happen when it really gets into you. You are really obsessed with what you are doing. You are really enjoying what you are doing.

Today Antony left our lab at 5.30 p.m and again at 7.30 p.m I am seeing him on Gtalk logging in from his home. He too is obsessed with classtube !

Classtube it guys!

If you have software development work to be offloaded to us, please email me. We need to make some money too -)

Aby from the Prologic Innovation Campus !

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