Scaling down SCRUM

I started with SCRUM due to my academic interest. Got opportunities to work with some brilliant teams very closely. As I experience it more and more, I am seeing vast potential of SCRUM to create healthy work environments and in turn organizations.

Since India is an outsourcing hub, many of the customers of the small and medium sized software organizations in India, want to allocate work, before they sleep and want to see the results when they wake up (exploiting the time lag). In these organizations, I never saw any opportunities to implement any kind of project management. Now I am just thinking ‘Why not a daily SPRINT’  – Please share your experiences/views on this

One thought on “Scaling down SCRUM

  1. To some extent the SPRINT duration will depend on how the internal processes are organized within. If the organization does not have well defined processes, it would be a bit difficult for them to take the pressure of something like SCRUM. It is important to remember that with Agile, Done means DONE.

    Another issue is the product/project that is getting implemented. In highly dynamic industries like media, web sites etc time is of the essence, so a shorter SPRINT duration is ok. But for most corporate projects 15-20 day SPRINT is ok and is better.

    Finally it is important to have similar durations for all SPRINTS. This will definitely help in future work estimations.

    My 2 cents worth.


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