Scrum and intellectual disobediance

In the last fifteen days, I had the opportunity to train around 40 indian engineers / managers on scrum. Do Indians by nature fear heirarchies?. While implementing SCRUM, this is one big challenge. People fear to express themselves, especially when the boss is around or in the presence of an expert. This is the biggest challenge for a SCRUM coach. What I mean is very intellectually obedient teams.  For effective teaming, we need to agree to disagree (intellectually) and at the same time, this cannot be a time wasting affair. The person should be able to disagree with valid reasons professionally, thus contributing to the solution. Without this the complete value based implementation of SCRUM will not be achieved.

Back to my office 🙂

One Reply to “Scrum and intellectual disobediance”

  1. One idea I picked up from another training session is junior person gets to speak first and senior person last. This will encourage freedom of expression.


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