Lessons from the recently concuded 20:20 cricket tournament

Lesson No 1 : With a motivated team, anything is possible

Lesson No2 :  It is team work that matters more than individual performances.

Lesson No3 :  Having no track record helps, becuase you dont know your limitations

Lesson No4 :  If you do not have lot of experience, you will not be bothered about the trackrecord of other’s. More specifically – the halo effect

Lesson No5 : Inspite of the current level of things happening in a team, there is still room for improvement. 20 years before a score of 300 was a good score in test cricket, where people fight it out for 5 days. Then the limited overs, one day cricket happened, and the teams started surpassing the 300 mark very easily within half day. Now in 20:20 cricket, teams are scoring 200 plus very easily. So nothing is impossible.

Lesson No 6 : If you enjoy what you are doing, wins will automatically follow

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