Small delights !

I am just relaxing at my ancestoral home in Kerala. Slowing down a bit, to gain momentum later. It is just fun, just walking amidst the greenery here and the light showers. Life style is back to routine and has a big positive effect on my health. I feel good generally, doing some very meaningful stuff, instead of just getting busier every day. This evening I met the roadside vendor selling roasted peanuts. I bought two packets of freshly roasted peanuts from him for 4 rupees. It was really hot and fresh, when he gave me those packets. I am seeing him there from my childhood. I just asked him ‘Chetta, since how many years you are doing this work?’ and his reply was ’40 years’. His lifestyle is the same and I am sure that he is not very rich. I just whispered within me ‘Dear, if you had saved  100 rupees a day ( 3 dollars), from the age of 22, You would have been a very rich man today !


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