45 to 25 in 4 hours + a happy home coming :-)

Yesterday I was at Dubai – the peak summer days, and today I am at Kerala, where it is raining still and is at 25 degrees. During the last 15 days I spent at the UAE, I trained 3 batches of students on project management, and was a great experience. I had participants who are financial analysts, franchise development managers, software developers, construction project managers, IT project managers, Software architects, Quality detaprtment people. Overall it was great fun (challenge) as a trainer, to make the project management concepts appealing to them. Some were managing teams, while the others are typical individual contributers. Some are certification oriented, where as others are implementation focused. Some are paying from their pockets to attend the program, while others are sponsored by their respective organizations. Some gets put off, when I compare project teams to rugby teams and twenty cricket teams, where as others gets thrilled with it. Some can digest the concept of self organizing teams, where as others see it as a threat to their positions. Some people want to hear new things, where as others want to hear oly those things they practice. I had talking chickens as well as pigs in the workshops. Some participants were really motivating. Some wanted spoon feeding as bulleted slides, where as others wanted abstract case studies, exercises and dialogues.

A world of abstracts, contradictions and cultural conflicts 🙂  where a manager / trainer has to survive !  I am enjoying it as well as trying to learn from it as well. A big thank you to all my workshop participants !

2 Replies to “45 to 25 in 4 hours + a happy home coming :-)”

  1. give me your contact number , very happy to see your ever smiling photograph in a site.You look the same dashing Aby

    Your old KSB mate from ORG……….Bala


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