Your views about the Dubai Palm Island project?

 Here is an email I received from Rejeev, a research student. If you can post your views and comments against the specific questions he has asked about the Dubai Palm Island project, it will be of great help. Please post your views as comments to this post.

 Here is the email from Rajeev:
I am a student of MBA from the Indian Institute of  Management Bangalore, India and I am currently on an exchange at UCD  Smurfit  school of business in Dublin Ireland. I and a group of students here are  trying to find out about the Dubai Plam Island Project done by Nakheel.  On > some search on Google for the same, I found your profile and blog on the
project and wanted to find out your thoughts on the  same.Specifically,

  •  What do you think would be some of the project  management challenges in such a project as the Dubai palm islands?
  •  Would  you have made any changes in the way the project was executed?
  •  Do you  know of any other specific resources or concepts I can look at to better  understand this project?

One Reply to “Your views about the Dubai Palm Island project?”

  1. I visted this project site last week. It is indeed a marvel. I can only salute the project management team of this project. The size of the project is huge – may be beyond imagination, and not many have done something similar in the past. It can be a coincidence that I discussed about this project with my project management workshop participants at Dubai, today. I dont think that I am competent enough to manage this project in a better way.

    Here is a link to the photo of this project.


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