1,2,3 of project management certifications

Sometimes my project management workshop participants ask me this question in my workshops. What is the next certification I should pursue after my PMP certification.  The answer is “some people learn things with one certification, where as others take multiple certifications to understand the subject” :-). It is not the certifications that matter. What really matters is the passion and the enthusiasm to demonstrate what they already learned. Most of the great project managers I have seen during my career spanning over 20 years are non PMP certified, non SCRM certified and non PRINCE certified.  A certification just ensures that you have the basic understanding of the subject. Thats it. Nothing more and nothing else. Excellence in the profession depends on the enthusiasm and the energy levels to demonstrate what you earned by working hard. After all knowledge and health cannot be neither purchased nor delegated. It has to be earned. So be proud of it, and start levergaing the knowledge in the day to day work. Dont consider certifications as a goal, rather consider them as faster vehicles to reach your goal faster. It is definitely faster than learning from mistakes!.

To be honest I wish I had atleast one certification on project management, when I started my career as a project manager. Unfortunately none existed then, or atleast I was not aware of one then. I am sure that I would have progressed in my career faster with a crash course on project management. Most of the stuff we learned were based on experience, which is time consuming and at times very costly.  Right now I am a PMP, PRINCE2, SCRUM MASTER certied project manager.  As a practising project manager I dont need all these. As a practitioner all I need is just one certification to learn the ropes of project management. I went after other certifications just because I am a trainer of project management!


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