Do what you dont like !

Last week I was at Bangalore, delivering a training program.  The lunch at the hotel was very tempting. Many of the stuff supplied were tasty and at the same time were not advisable becuase of the high cholestrol and sugar content and one of the participants view was ‘Our body craves for those things which are not so good for the body’.  If I am a diabetic, I crave for sweets, If I have high blood pressure I crave for food with salt and fat content. Our cravings can be a good barometer for what is good for us, and what is not so good. The message is do, what you dont like and try not to do what you really crave for. This may be contradicting the conventional belief of do what you like the most. Very often saying ‘NO’ to the things you like equips you better to do what you like the MOST !

Blogging from Abu Dhabi

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