Wish You a Very Happy and Prosperous Onam

Onam greetings to all of you. Onam is a festival of Kerala, which is celebrated by all irrespective of their cast, colour and financial status. This is the time when most of the Keralaites get together, a time for family reunions. The most important things about Onam are the onakkali (a form of group dance), onapoovidal (flower arrangement) and ona sadya (a luxuroius and tasty vegetarian lunch).

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Where was Gandhi during the Independence day ceremony on August 15th 1947

When the power transfer was happening from the British to the Local authorities (Nehru), Gandhi was noted for his absence. He was busy fasting and praying at Calcutta, becuase he was deeply hurt by the partition of India into India and Pakistan. I think, most of our so called leaders have a great lesson to learn from Gandhi. A burning love for his country and countrymen. Power comes later. Dear Gandhi, I love you !

Blogging from Dubai, enroute to Al Ain. Will be back to India on 26th morning, to celebrate Onam!

Morange – great mobile application – with push mail free

The installation of Morange on my mobile was very easy. Now I get free push mail service + out look gets synchronized with the mobile. These are the two key features I am using right now. There are lots of other useful features as well. Try it yourself. Click on the following link and download the software. When you do this, I get some bonus points and my service gets upgraded to VIP status automatically 🙂 It’s win-win.

Steps are very simple;

Go to www.morange.com

Register yourself

Give ‘abrachan’ as reference

Download the software by giving your mobile number

Go to your email system and enable ‘POP’

Done 🙂

Congratulations Srinivas

Dear Aby,
I am happy to share with u that i cleared the PMP Exam on 01st Aug 2007(just today).The training and the insight to the PMIsm by your team including chinmaya was excellant.I am thankful to u and the team @ knowledge works and look farward for more interaction in future.