Should we have smokers as team members?

Ofcourse, we are tyalking about smokers working in non-smoking zones, where majority of the team members are non smokers. Lt us consider the case of a smoker, who smokes around 10 cigarettes / day during the working hours. For every cigarette he/she will have to get out of office and consumes atleast 1- – 15 minutes per day/ cigarette. This amounts to arroxibately 2 hours / day (10 cigarettes x 15 minutes / cig) – which is approximately 2 hours / day. This amounts to the person spending one day in smoking, every 5 day weeks. That is approximately one week spent in smoking every month. Look at the loss of productivity !  The counter arguments to this can be – when I smoke I am thinking!  or When I am smoking we are discussing (in this case there is one more person with you, since you are discussing, hence double up the number).

And If you are the boss, your poor team members will be forced to be passive smokers, which is even more harmful!.


Build teams around smokers  or Build teams sround non-smokers – Dont mix up !

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