Understanding PRINCE2 – 3 day workshop (new)


Overview of PRINCE2 – Lecture

Ø      Programs, Projects, Stages

Ø      The structure of PRINCE2

Ø      Processes & Controls

Ø      Key definitions, roles and responsibilities






2 hours


Understanding the case study

30 minutes

   Starting up a project  (SU) – Lecture  

Ø      Appointing an executive and a project manager

Ø      Designing a project management team

Ø      Appointing a project management team

Ø      Preparing a project brief

Ø      Defining project approach

Ø      Planning an initiation stage

Ø      Authorizing initiation

Ø      Planning an initiation stage 

 Exercise covering  

Ø      Executive job description

Ø      Project manager job description

Ø      Project management team structure

Ø      Team job description

Ø      Project brief

Ø      Daily log

Ø      Risk log

Ø      Project approach

Ø      Initiation stage plan  






2 hours


Directing a project  – Lecture


Ø      Authorizing initiation

Ø      Authorizing a project

Ø      Authorizing a stage or exception plan

Ø      Giving ad-hoc direction

Ø      Confirming project closure


Exercise covering


Ø      Project startup notification

Ø      Authorization to proceed / close

Ø      Stage plan or exception plan

Ø      Project board guidance

Ø      Exception plan request

Ø      New project issues

Ø      Follow on action recommendation

Ø      End project report

Ø      Post project review plan

Ø      Lessons learned report

Ø      Project closure notification

 Test  Discussion   

2 hours



Controlling a stage


Ø      Authorizing work package

Ø      Assessing progress

Ø      Capturing project issues

Ø      Examining project issues

Ø      Reviewing stage status

Ø      Reporting highlights

Ø      Taking corrective action

Ø      Escalating project issues

Ø      Receiving completed work package


Exercise covering


Ø      Work package

Ø      Stage status information

Ø      Product status account

Ø      Plan deviation

Ø      Tolerance threat

Ø      Stage end notification

Ø      Trigger for project end

Ø      Work trigger

Ø      Request for advice

Ø      Highlight report

Ø      Communication to interested parties

Ø      Exception plan request 

  Test  Discussion 

2 hours



Managing product delivery


Ø      Accepting work package

Ø      Executing a work package

Ø      Delivering a work package








2 hours



Closing a project


Ø      Decommissioning a project

Ø      Identifying follow on actions

Ø      Evaluating a project





1 hour 


Comparing PRINCE, PMBOK and Agile

1 hour


Wrapping it up

30 minutes


All the participants will receive a copy of the course slides, workbook and the key templates (hard copy).



 This program will not lead to PRINCE2 certification and the focus is entirely on understanding and practicing PRINCE2


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