Two extremes of the Indian Value system

Today the first page of the Khaleej times at Dubai has an article of our president Abdul Kalam. He completes his tenure as president of India (thanks to the vested interests of the politicians – Every Indian holds Abdul Kalam, very close to their hearts and considers him as the most eligible to continue as the president of India). He is going to teach at Annamali University in Tamil Nadu. For that, he approached the vice chancellor directly who was only more than happy to have him at the University. Thank you dear president, for atleast giving us a role model.

Then while in the taxi to my work place, the FM radio (Malayalam channel) was broadcasting about the press conference conducted by a murderer in Kerala who killed seven in a family. He was boasting of giving bribe to all political parties to escape from the case, and he is still outside the prison. His press conference was attended by many press reporters, who are supposed to be the protectors of the value system of the society. The politicians he accused are also not booked. They are also still free. This pints to the nexus between the criminals and the pliticians. The ordinary citizen like me, who is busy working hard for a living is at the mercy of these. Who will protect us. I feel helpless.

When Abdula KAlam was our president, I had lot of hope, now that is also vanisihing.

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan has to be re written as JAI Corrupted politicuans, JAI Criminals !


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