Cultural clashes

Today at 12.a.m I was sitting at the Cochin international airport, to see off my sister who is travelling to US for the first time. I reached the airport very early and got enough time to sit and relax. Soon a typical Indian (Kerala) family took the nearby seats. This family included a middle aged Dad, his daughter, a very young grand child may be around 3 years old, his wife, another old looking person, may be his brother and his son. Love and affection was overflowing among them. It gave me the impression of a very close family. The child was the center of attraction of all, and they were showering all their love, as she was going away from them in a very short span of time. They were trying to show, may be the next couple of years affection and love on the child within hailf an hour. That was the kind of intensity. It was a great pleasure to watch. At times I was feeling as if I am intruding into their privacy, so I took short walks in between, to give them absolute freedom.

Soon a fat, middle aged lady wearing a T shirt and a caprice came from somewhere with her son (around 16,17 years) and her husband. She was of a very dominating type. She made lot of noise to ensure that her presence is felt among the people there. She took this child and started talking to her in English and Malayalam (the local language). When she realized that most of the family could not handle english well, she increased her dose of English. She ingnored everyone there except the kid and the mother. She spoiled the entire atmosphere. The old man slowly got very aloof and was sitting in a corner very silently. Soon one more wannabe (trying to be American, Keralite) joined the scene, and that was the end of a wonderful family affair.

Then I saw my sister coming in. I directed to a chair slightly far away, to protect ourselves. To my suprise, before leaving she took my hands, kissed them and wept. I felt as if my earlier post “Kiss me NOW, you may not get another chance” – happening.

Have a great day !


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