Meeting Geevarghese

Me and Geevarghese met each other after almost 16 years and we had some quality time together thinking of our old colleagues and the kind of work we did together. We were together at Premier cable company at Kerala and was really lucky to be there at that time. In those days Oracle could run only on mini computers and the number of mini computer installations were very less then. At Premier, we had two mini computers running Unix and Oracle 5. The applications were developed using Forms-3, Pro*c and RPT. We had all the terminals in a machine room. There was no concept of destops and lap tops. Even local area network was not in. We did the flow charts outside the computer room (on our desks), then went into the machine room for coding. We had a link for Cochin to the factory (nearly 50 km away). I must admire Mr.Ganesh’s (the then MIS manager) vision and dynamism. We all had great work experience there.

The team comprised of Sarin, Joseph Alappat, Bhat, Narayanan, Venkat, Pattabhiraman, Ganesh, Sathappan, Mahadevan and Geevarghese. Lost track of most of them. In case you see this, please get in touch with me.

Me and Geevarghese were talking of stuff like – the trips to the factory for PPC implementation, deveoping the sales and marketing system, the company canteen which served great food, the shuttle badminton tournaments and the cricket matches at the factory, the trade unions, some of the union leaders, the then CEO Partha sarathy etc etc….

It was a wonderful time indeed….. Miss you dear friends.


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