God’s Own or Dog’s own?

After a real whirlwind (real) trip to UAE, I am just relaxing at my workshop in kerala, amidst the greenery and the heavy monsoon rains and in a couple of hours I will start my journey to another client location.

This trip of mine to UAE was great fun becuase, the gulf air flight from Bangalore to Bahrain got delayaed by 5 hours followed by another 3 hours delay for the connecting flight from Bahrain to Dubai. Finally I reached Dubai by 7.am and started the training at 9.a.m. I was rushing to take care of my customers, where as gulf air was slowing down to take care of their customers !

In the flight from Bangalore to Kerela, there was a white couple, and the lady was reallly excited about the climate and the beauty of Kerala. Yes, Kerela is really romantic now. Even if it is raining, the weather is slightly warm. All the plants and trees are greener now after bathing in the rains and the sprouting of fresh leaves. This is only for the eyes of the tourist, even when the politics here is getting rotten day by day and making the local citizen lokks like a fool.

Our Chief minister, Mr.Achuthananthan tried to do some real good work by demolishing the buildings which encraoched the government land. This lost it’s steam half way, bacause of the inteference by some vested groups within his party. At least at this stage as a local citizen I thought the opposition will support Achuthanthan, and that also did not happen. I think their hands are also equally (if not more) dirty than the lobbies within the Marxist communist party opposing the Chief Minister’s actions. This is one episode. Now slowly these news items are receding from the press. Are they also party to this politics. How much money did they get from the culprits to defocus on these.

Now the small shop owners are sterting their agitation against the mega halls coming up in the city. I am sure thet there will be lot of people supporting them also. Who is at loss, by doing so. If the mega malls are able to deliver goods at a lower price, then it is really good for the common man.

There is a heavy debate going on on allowing Hindus (not by birth), into all temples and into all parts of the temples. Thanks to the lonely battles being fought by the Minister Sudhakaran. he is a kind of very bold person, and his views makes sense to me. Through his dialogues I realize that the salary of the priests of Hindu temples are given by the Government (If I am wrong please correct me). religion and politics are that intertwined in this state, where we take pride in boasting about 99% literacy levels.

I hope better sense will prevail at the end, else God’s own country can become a Dog’s own country soon, which will be filled with value less politics, acting against the interests of the common man and the common man may not protest becuase he is busy working hard to make both ends meet.

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