Unwinding at Unwind, Bangalore

Must thank my old colleague Satya for organizing this get together of our old team at Novell, Bangalore. We had a gala time, and it was all laughter. Mathew,KK,Satya,Hari and myself spent a wonderful evening together. The same day I met Srini, and spoke to Justin too. A day of catching up and sharing the achievements.

More than friendship, I was really happy to realize that I managed this team of brilliant people for almost five years, and even after leaving Novell (none of these guys are with Novell now), we are still a great team, when we come together. That is quite satisfying. What makes this team tick?, If my reading is right;

  • We did some wonderful projects together, which got tremedous appreciation
  • Each one of us were good at something. We were individually brilliant and at the same time were brilliant collectively also. A team of individually brilliant people first, with an ability to contribute.
  • We had to face many challenges together
  • We had our own space to operate
  • We had some common interests, outside work
  • The company taught us to respect each other
  • None of us were political in nature
  • We always liked to think diffrently and innovate
  • When in need, we were always there to help
  • Friends first, then team members

Have a nice day.

One Reply to “Unwinding at Unwind, Bangalore”

  1. Abrachan & Gang,

    It is nice to hear that you all met and had a good time. Please keep it up and also make this as a periodical event.

    I could sense and feel how interesting this kind of meet would be. Recently 10 of our classmates (from 1989 batch) met at Pondicherry and some of them I met almost after 19 years.

    Times could change but not the friendship, relationship and people.



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