Different perspectives

The fish in the aquarium thinks that, all the people around it are in a cage!.

Are we prisoners of our own perspectives. In one of my training programs, suddenly the class room was slightly warm becuase the air conditioning was not working properly. The outside temperature was very high and at the same time the room temperature was very comfortable as far as I was concerned. Some of the participants started acting very fuzzy about this. One lady sprayed some perfume, and she was saying that it is to protect herself from the heat within the room. May be correct, I dont know. Did they loose the natural ability of the body to withstand a minor temperature variation, due to continuous living in artificial environments?.

Am I able to take these small disadvantages in my strides becuase I am from a country where the temperature levels are very high during the summer, and air conditioning is that popular. Is it giving me, some extra strength to face the small adversities that comes on the way with ease. Is it an advantage or is it a disadvantage. I am not looking for answers. Why should I? 🙂 . May be yesterday’s limitations are becoming today’s strengths and todays strenths are becoming tomorrow’s limitations (If all you have is a hammer, everything else looks like a nail)

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