Email from my cousin, living in Muscat

Muscat is very special to me, becuase that is the first country I visited outside India and I lived there for 2 years. A beutiful place, full of beaches and a kind of slow life. That is how I am remebering the place. Here is an email from my cousin, which explains what the common man Oman is undergoing after the onslaught of ‘Gonu’.

 Dear Abrachan,
Thanks for your mail.
Sorry for the delay in replying. Here things are getting back to normal
 but slowly. The devastation is terrific. Fortunately our area was not
 affected as it is not low lying and not close to the rivers. Only a few
 trees fell in the place where I am stating that ie Wadi Kabir. But about
5 km from here about 15 people died as the building they were standing
was swept away by the flooding waters. The roads were badly damaged, cars
were swept away, I was told in thousands. I have never seen such a thing
in my life. 
Now we ahve power but no water. We were told that the normal suppplies
will be established in 5 to 10 days time. The last 4 days it was holidays
and hence my main job was to fetch potable water. So far we have never
felt the shortage of water even in the midst of worst summer. Now the
situation is water water every where, not a drop to drink at all. 
Not much damage was doen to our store except that the out house’s (where
our watch man and his family was staying) roof top was flown away by the
 wind.   Many of the shops & ware houses were completely destroyed by the
 floods and mud. Thank God nothing happened to ur Office & ware house.
 Fortunately one of Lewin’s Exam was over two days before the cyclone and
 the next two are after 3 days. by that time I hope the main roads will be
repaired . 
Bye now.
With best regards
 Willy Palocaren


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