Going back to the basics

Recently one of my old friends invited me to his company to conduct a workshop on quality management based on Crosby’s methodologies. Even though I have trained many on this (including my friend) in the past, since I have not conducted this program in the near past, I had to refresh myself with the concepts. This gave me an opportunity to go back to his profound teachings on ‘taking action’  than just dreaming. These things will never get outdated, as they are plain truth. I love Crosby. for the simplicity of his teachings, which can really work wonders.

He believes that ‘Quality’ is an attitude, based on prevention. One should not allow problems to happen in the first place. He is not just preaching. He gives a very simple set of principles, steps and tools to make it happen. The entire journey is based on the four absolutes of quality;

  • Quality is conformance to requirements
  • System for achieving quality is prevention
  • Performance standard is zero defects
  • Measurement is price of non conformance

Then he introduces the process model worksheet, which helps us to analyze our work processes to identify areas for improvement to operate them at zero defects.  Once the area to improve is identified, then it is all about taking action, using the five step methodology;

  • Define the problem
  • Applying fix
  • Identify the root causes
  • Take corrective action
  • Evaluate and follow up

Suggested readings;

Quality without tears – Philip Crosby


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