Conversations with Father Gerald

I met father Gerald when I went to St.Antony’s Friary, Bangalore to make a confession. The confession turned out to be a conselling session, and he taught me how to see things from a transactional analysis perspective. One question he asked me is the ‘difference between a plastic flower and a real flower’. There are lots of plastics in and around us in every day living, and these gives us a very wrong illusion of happiness, and can never give us real happiness. To the contrary, the ‘real flowers’ gives us real happiness.  This differentiation between ‘plastic flower’ and ‘real flower’ itself helped me a lot in just disciplining be, so that I have the time and energy to pursue  the stuff, that really matters in life, without much tuzzle within me, where the ‘child’ in me want to pursue the ‘plastics’ where the adult want the ‘real’ and the parent constantly sayng ‘No’.  Thank you dear father for teaching me to see things from a parent, child and adult perspective.

I strongly believe that, this perspective can help everyone who is caught up in the struggle between ‘what really matters’ and not.


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