Unwinding at Unwind, Bangalore

Must thank my old colleague Satya for organizing this get together of our old team at Novell, Bangalore. We had a gala time, and it was all laughter. Mathew,KK,Satya,Hari and myself spent a wonderful evening together. The same day I met Srini, and spoke to Justin too. A day of catching up and sharing the achievements.

More than friendship, I was really happy to realize that I managed this team of brilliant people for almost five years, and even after leaving Novell (none of these guys are with Novell now), we are still a great team, when we come together. That is quite satisfying. What makes this team tick?, If my reading is right;

  • We did some wonderful projects together, which got tremedous appreciation
  • Each one of us were good at something. We were individually brilliant and at the same time were brilliant collectively also. A team of individually brilliant people first, with an ability to contribute.
  • We had to face many challenges together
  • We had our own space to operate
  • We had some common interests, outside work
  • The company taught us to respect each other
  • None of us were political in nature
  • We always liked to think diffrently and innovate
  • When in need, we were always there to help
  • Friends first, then team members

Have a nice day.

Thank you Alice for sending me this wonderful eye opener

If something is bothering you, Please see this…

With love, from Bangalore airport

I am at the Bangalore airport, enroute Cochin. I reached here at 3.am and my connecting flight is only at 9.30 a.m. Lot of time to sit and observe people. Thinking of catching up with my sleep, I sat near the exit gate of the international terminal. Lot of people were waiting for their dear and near ones. To my surprise I could spot many very old people, some not that well physically.  Some with neck collars, others with walking sticks. Suddenly I could see the young mother and her six month old chubby, cute baby who were sitting near me in the aircraft. This kid was very special. She did not cry at all during the flight. She was smiling at every one and in no time became the darling of the air hostesses and the people sitting near, irrespective of their cast, creed and colour. Innocence and beauty can cut across all bariiers.

The moment they crossed the gate, they were surrounded by their relatives, which comprised of the kid’s grandpa, grandma and another lady. It was a very nice sight of a great family re-union and most probably the grand parents are seeing this wonderful and beautiful bundle of joy for the first time !

Today is my 46th birthday. I am on my way home. May be a time to take stock of my own priorities. Is it money first, family first, health first or everything first. It cannot be everything first for sure.

Now I understand the reason why Mr.Paul got really upset, when he realized that I was not spending enough time with family years back.

Love you all


Different perspectives

The fish in the aquarium thinks that, all the people around it are in a cage!.

Are we prisoners of our own perspectives. In one of my training programs, suddenly the class room was slightly warm becuase the air conditioning was not working properly. The outside temperature was very high and at the same time the room temperature was very comfortable as far as I was concerned. Some of the participants started acting very fuzzy about this. One lady sprayed some perfume, and she was saying that it is to protect herself from the heat within the room. May be correct, I dont know. Did they loose the natural ability of the body to withstand a minor temperature variation, due to continuous living in artificial environments?.

Am I able to take these small disadvantages in my strides becuase I am from a country where the temperature levels are very high during the summer, and air conditioning is that popular. Is it giving me, some extra strength to face the small adversities that comes on the way with ease. Is it an advantage or is it a disadvantage. I am not looking for answers. Why should I? 🙂 . May be yesterday’s limitations are becoming today’s strengths and todays strenths are becoming tomorrow’s limitations (If all you have is a hammer, everything else looks like a nail)

Thanks to Indian airlines workers stir

I was supposed to take the Indian airlines flight from Kochi to Dubai yesterday, which got cancelled due to the stir by the employees of the Indian airlines. I had two options, one to posptpone the training program at Dubai or to try to reach Dubai some how. I took the kingfisher flight to bangalore from kochi, then a jet airways flight to Mumbay and then an emirates flight to Dubai. Reached Dubai by 7.a.m and the training started at 9.a.m. It was indeed hectic. Hope to get some rest today evening 🙂