Which one is better? PRINCE or PMBOK

This is a question one of my workshop participants asked me yesterday, and the reply is;

“All models are like parents. They treat you like children. They keep telling you the ‘what,how and when to do s’. We must listen to parents, and at the same time bank on our own learning and experiences. There is a very high degree of intersection among PRINCE2, PMBOK, Agile methods, CMM, ISO, ITIL etc. Understanding the common thread, cutting through these models , will make life easier. As an Asian, I am previleged to look at these methods, models, frameworks with the same degree of attachment or detachment, becuase I dont adore any of these models completely. Everything has their own merits and demerits. What works for my project’s sucess is the best for me, because my professional life is dependent on the success of the project. Then my personal life is also tightly dependent on my professional life. For me, my project is more important than following just one framework or method from the purist’s view.”

Knowledge of all models helps one to choose the most appropriate for the project under consideration.


One thought on “Which one is better? PRINCE or PMBOK

  1. You know I posted “Is PRINCE2 better than PMBOK?” just a few weeks ago, which refers to a discussion at Max Wideman’ project management site.

    My sentiment is the same. You want more than one tool to deal with your problem. I love the quote from the article Hammering Hammer ( book review on Michael Hammer) “If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.”

    More recently I have been reading Dr Peter Morris’s views on the PMBOK. He has suggested the framework of the PMBOK is one of the reasons for the perceived failure of project management in the business world. Fod fr thought.

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