Take my advice, I dont use it anyway !


I saw this poster among the poster collections of Rosanna. It sounded funny and at the same time, it was connecting me to some of my life experiences.There is something very unique about this, which was preventing me from forgetting it.

We come across many people who is very good in providing advise, and at the same do not practise any. In many occassions, I am no exception to this. This is one of the easiest things to do. This is very evident when we get into a book stall. The tiles may read like this and my immediate response is in the brackets;

I am OK, you are OK (Are you OK?:-)

Think and grow rich  (Are you a billionaire?:-)

Good to great (Are you great?. How many great organizations did you build?. I think those who did, do not have the time to write a book:-)

Life beyond coding (How many kilo lines of code did you write first?. If Bill gates says it I understand it. I think he does not have the time 🙂

Google story (Larry and Page did not have the time 🙂

The list is pretty huge. The current trend is to write something controversial. Jesus christ lived in India :-))

Sometimes I feel that I should be a stupid, to read some of these crap, where the author have not experienced anything about he/she is writing about. They are writing about other’s experiences.

This pattern is even more prevailant among managers. They expect lot of things like timeliness, quality, capability…..etc…etc from all their team members, customers, superiors and when it comes to themselves, they have enough reasons for not being there on time. They have one standard for themselves and another one for others (majority do not fall into this category and at the same time, a sure 20% falls into this).

Very often as a trainer, the majority of the participants will be waiting for a few. Then the dilema is, ‘should I punish those guys who are on time, becuase some one is not on time’.

Still recollect those days, when my team members wishes ‘Hi Aby’ when I am on time to office, and a special ‘Good morning Sir’ on those days when I am late to office. That was the time when I insisted my team members to reach office on time and leave atleast by 7 p.m. It was part of a corrective action, when my colleague’s wife came to our office at 6 a.m in search of her husband, and started screaming at me, when we were busy working to make a release happen (this colleague of mine left his job within two months) !

Take my advice, I dont use it anyway !


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