Will I Cry, When I Die?

Will I cry when i die? – This is the question, that looms large in my mind after reading Robin Dharma’s ‘Who will cry when you die?’. It is all about knowing one’s own calling and pursuing it. I myself have wasted lot of my time and energy on pursuits, which I hated, but I wanted the money. I have come across, and is coming across in large numbers, who are burning themselves out, in careers which they dont like, but some how fell into it. It is very difficult to get up from one chair to sit in a better one. There is risk involved.  A person who has really gone after his calling, will never cry when he dies, and I am sure that there will be many people around his deathbed crying for him. Thanks to Robin, to make me think.

Who will cry, when you die is a very good read. The contents page look line this;

  1. Discover your calling
  2. Every day be kind to a stranger
  3. Maintain your perspective
  4. Practice tough love
  5. Keep a journal
  6. Develop an honesty philosophy
  7. Honor your past
  8. Start your day well
  9. Learn to say ‘NO’ gracefully
  10. Learn to be silent
  11. Get up early
  12. Laugh more
  13. Spend a day without your watch
  14. Take more risks
  15. Bless your money
  16. Practice the action habit
  17. See your children as gifts
  18. Enjoy the path, not just the reward
  19. Keep your cool
  20. Cure your monkey mind
  21. Master your time
  22. Get good at asking
  23. Look for the higher meaning of your work
  24. Build a library of heroic books
  25. Connect with nature
  26. Remember the rule of 21
  27. Practice forgiveness
  28. Drink fresh fruit juice….

The list goes on and on. It has 101 chapters in 205 pages. It is an easy read. It is not that he is talking about lot of stuff, which we dont know. He is talking about many things which I have forgotten to practise. Ever since I read this book, atleast I am practising getting up early, writing a journal and I am getting back to my daily plans. And one more thing…. I keep asking myself this question….Is this what I really want to do?

It is 8.11 a.m, let me start my day in a positive note 🙂

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Lifting heavy weights with ease…..

” I am the vine and you are the branches. Those who who are in me, bears good fruit. Without me nothing is possible for you. With me, everything is possible. If I am with you, who can stand against you” . These are some random sentences from the Holy Bible, that came to me randomly.

As a manager/leader ‘optimism’ is non negotiable. Unless you are optimistic, how can you lead others. A pessimist can never lead. Then we are all human beings. How can we maintain the optimistic attitude, most of the time. My answer to this need is ‘Faith’ in the Lord. Me and my Lord together can do wonders. That is a great feeling, from which stems the calmness of the mind, which in turn can focus better.  I am at my best, when I have a clean heart, which is purified by divine thoughts. Inorder to lead / guide others, continuous renewal of the self is required and this is possible by just being in the positive, as long as possible, and this struggle becomes easier with faith in the Lord.

Have a great day !


Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that crush it – Mark Twain