Robert T Kiyosaki is one writer with clearcut, practical ideas on money. Recently I picked up his book ‘Cashflow quadrant’  and  it really rocks. I recommend all employees and self employed to read this book. May be all of his books starting from Rich Dad Poor dad.

Robert Kiyosaki, in his book ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ talks about the cashflow quadrants. The quadrants on the left are E-Employee and S-Self employed. The quadrants on the right are B-Business owner and I-investor.

The person in the ‘E’ quadrant looks for security. The people in the ‘S’ quadrant are the ‘do it yourself’ category. For this group money is not the most important. They value their independence, the freedom to do things their way, and to be respected as experts in their field. The person in the ‘B’ quadrant like to surround themselves with smart people from all four categories E,S,B,I. The true motto of a ‘B’ is ‘why do it yourself when you can hire someone to do it for you’. People in the ‘I’ quadrant (Investor) make money with money. They do not have to work becuase their money is working for them.

Why cutting up your credit cards wont make you rich?

Recently I picked up “Guide to becoming rich” without cutting up your credit cards by Robert T.Kiyosaki. Here I came across new terminologies/concepts  like ‘bad debt’ , ‘good debt’. This is a new revelation to me and Iam sure that this will make me richer :-). A very interesting read. More when I complete the book.

In Kiyosaki’s words ” If a person has a solid financial education, they would know that there are two kinds of debts; good debts and bad debts. A person with a sound financial education would know how to use good debt to make them richer faster…much faster than a person who only saves money and has no debts….”

Fun Quotient @ work

Recently I had an opportunity to train a small team of brilliant techies on SCRUM at a small organization (by head count). I had a great time there. This is one company where people laugh a lot. Nobody misses the slightest opportunity to laugh. I just loved it. An ideal fertile land for SCRUM.

This just make me wonder why people really dont laugh in corporates. After all, a person who works from the age of 22 till 60, works only for 13,870 days (without counting holidays). Why people dont laugh at work?….. What makes the difference?…… I just wonder !


Namasthe is the ‘Hello’ in Malayalam, which is my mother tongue. Today while doing the morning walk, I came across lot of other walkers. All of them except one was lost in their own worlds, thinking about the things they want to forget!. One person said ‘Good morning!’. Not a bad way to start the day. I felt slightly better by this greeting. Not a bad idea to greet all who come scross you today!. Here is my Namasthe to you!. Have a great day!

Thank You Faizal ! Congratulations !

  Dear Aby

Hope you are doing good.

I would like to thank you for all the support (be it training, material, provided for getting me the PMP certification. It was a real tough ride for me and was preparing for the last one year but finally I have got what I wanted.

Thanks once again.


Faizal, National Bank of Dubai