How are you celebrating Christmas and New Year?

A couple of days back, while with the assistant priest of our parish, came the question ‘How are you celebrating Christmas & New Year ?’. My answer came spontaneously – Every day is a celebration!.  

Today while reading ‘Celebrating Silence’ by Sri Sri Ravishankar, I came across this chapter titled ‘The path to the Goal that is YOU’

” A poor man celebrates New year once a year. A rich man celebrates each day. But the richest man celebrates every moment.”

How rich are you?. Do you celebrate once a year? Once a month? Every day? If you celebrate every moment, you are the Lord of creation.

Review the year while you celebrate. This is your home work. What did you do? What did you achieve?. How useful were you in the past year?. Sit for an hour and think about every week, one minute per week and see the year’s growth in less than an hour. With a flower on new year’s day, offer the whole year to the divine.

Feel good factor – for the instructor :-)

Greetings !!

I am once again back to all of you to share another good news …….Your class fellow Mr. Riyaz Muhammed has passed his PMP Exam on Dec 17, 2006. This is another great achievement after Nileesh, Sunil, Sudhir, Oscar, and Stansay passing out, and we all are very excited to see our participants achieving this milestone one by one. I am sure all of you are also happy so let’s all of us congratulate him on his SUCCESS and wish him a great career ahead.

Just to inform all of you that this batch has the highest rate of appearing and passing the PMP Exam. Congratulations to all of you and wish you all the very best.

Waiting to hear many more success stories like this.

Cheers !!

Rajender Bali

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The inability to write….today….

Today sitting in this hotel room at Hyderabad, I am trying to blog something in vain. It is not happening. The thoughts are scattered hence the ‘sentences’ are not happening. There are tons of stuff happening around me (rather every indian) today.

The convicts of the Jessica lal murder case are finally sentenced to life imprisonment. It took the family 7 years of legal battle. I was listening to people’s reactions on this and a young lady was responding saying ‘I feel safer’. That reveals the mood. This was required for people to have faith reinstated in the judicial systems. Remember, the convicts were very influencial.

Another interesting event is India winning the test match at South Africa, and the fact the Sreeshanth (the man of the match) is from my home town Kochi, in Kerala makes it sweeter.

Oh, I could write this much. That is great. I could just loose the feeling of inability to write. It is as simple as that.

Sad demise of our beloved friend Balaji

Our dear friend  Mr.Balaji  passed away. He was the topper from our batch of M.S (BITS). He is just 28 years.