An Indian IT industry without CMM? Bondage or Blessing !

How would the Indian IT industry would have performed, if there was no CMM?. India has the maximum number of CMM adopted companies, and most of these companies are operating at the highest maturity level, the level 5. Sometimes I use to wonder how the Indian companies would have performed without such frameworks. Once I  heard the CEO of Infosys, talking about how CMM helped his company scale up fast. That is perfect for a large company like his, which employs very large number of programmers and most of the work done is in projects and not for product development. Is CMM the reason for Indian companies not producing many world class products. Is it bondage than blessing?. I get very disturbed these days when very successful young and small companies feel inferior to say that they do not have any process overload. Again, is it a bondage or a blessing.  To be continued….

Agile toolkit – taken from scrumdevelopment yahoo group

On 8/9/06, Bob Payne <bob@electroglide. biz > wrote:
 I got 27 recordings from the Agile 2007 conference. I have 14 of
 them posted so far on the Agile Toolkit Podcast. Most of them are
 interviews but you will find several keynotes, tutorials and panel
 discussion. You can find the podcasts at:
> http://agiletoolkit
> I hope you enjoy them.
> Drop me a line if you have any comments.
> -bob payne

Congratulations Vinay!


I wish to share with you that Today I successfully completed my PMP certification. Thanks to Aby and Prabha for the guidance.

The site pmpdistilled was very helpfull in taking up the long 4 hr exam and practising all the knowledge area tests. I took umpteen no of times and It was a great experience when i completed the real exam. 

Once again I thank you for all the co-operation.

Thanks and Regards,
Vinay S Shenoi

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A kick off / scope definition meeting !

After one year into corporate trainings, away from hard core project related work, and with tons of new thought patterns from SCRUM and the fifth dicipline, today I had an opportunity to participate in a project kick off / scoping meeting and it was quite interesting. The entire meeting was focused on;

  • Identifying the users of the system
  • What is the value/feature they are expecting from the system ?
  • When will we say that the project is completed successfully?

Everything else was shot down.


  • Overall scope of the project is defined
  • Detailed scope of one of the modules (top priority) is identified in detail, which is good enough for the team to plan the sprint
  • All accomplished in 45 minutes flat

Another option we had was to spend atleast 2 weeks in defining the complete requirements very clearly and then another two weeks in designing and reviews.

No rest – till the best and you may not rest forever…

Last week I went to Bangalore airport to take the evening deccan airways flight to Cochin. Th entire deccan airways crew were in yello ‘T’ shirts with the slogan ‘No rest till the best’. If you really go by systems thinking, if a company has to launch a strong campaign in an area of operation, that is a sure indication of trouble in that area. From my previous journey with air deccan, I was quite impressed with their service and their article in their in-flight magazine on how they are able to reduce the cost of their operations. So this time I was very curious to observe how they are operating.

This time, the poor quality of service was evident from the check in counter onwards. You throw pea-nuts, you get monkeys. The guys at the check in counters were hopeless in their behavior. They were very adamant. The flight took off on time. Flew for 20 munutes without any trouble, before one of the engines failed. Luckily the pilot could land it safely at Bangalore airport. Till I saw the police force and the fire engines qued up around the aircraft, I could not judge the seriousness of the situation. Then one of the yello clad guys led us to the check in area and we were abandanoned there for some time, till I used Malayalam in a slightly arrogant fashion. I was lucky enough to get a ticket in the next day’s flight. Only seven were lucky to get it. The rest were stranded.

I think Deccan is trying to cut costs too much, which has started reflecting on their service. This day, I had to shell out 500 Rs extra on taxi + another 2000 on room rent. I could have easily flown on kingfisher airlines with peace.

My recommendation to deccan airways;

  • Teach your guys to be polite
  • Have some one senior enough at airports to manage crisis situations
  • Have air conditioned buses at the airports
  • Ensure that aircrafts are serviced properly to eliminate breakdowns

There are pockets of excellence. Some flights are really great experience and at the same time some other flight experience is horrible. A business traveller like me is more interested in consistency, becuase it will reflect on my consistency of good service to my customers. Can Capt. Gopinath, give his ears to this……….

We like your initiative and efforts. We want you to win….